Auger and Chain-Disc Feeding Equipment for Pig Farm

Auger and Chain-Disc Feeding Equipment for Pig Farm

Pig Vehicle Feeding Gear Feeding Lline for Sow

Two varieties pig feeding system for your chose:
1. Auger Straight Feeding Method
A. Dispenser feeding line for gestation pig

The sow must be feed-restricted close to the interval of farrowing,the clear dispenser of this program,can control the feed sum accurately for every single sow,and feed them at the same time.
B. Dropper feeding line for fattening pig
single & double drop program

Large diameter pipe and auger,the length of the feeding line can reach as extended as 200m or over,transmission effectiveness 1.5T/h,2.5T/h,4T/h,and so on CZPT.
Experienced technological innovation,trustworthy efficiency,to be used in range scale of pig residences.
Lower value,simple to assemble,easy to ship,reduced error,but has substantial request to the section and size of the aug

two. Chain-disc cycle feeding method

a. Used for dry powder feeding in gestation,nursery,farrowing residence.
b. Main areas of this system are imported goods.
c. The finish of the chain-disc feed line select specific feeding controller to guarantee an exact feed stuff quantity.
d. Driving elements manufactured by stainless steel,substantial high quality motor.

CZPTer circumstance


Auger and Chain-Disc Feeding Equipment for Pig Farm