Big Coke Cups Forming Machine 22oz High Speed

Big Coke Cups Forming Machine 22oz High Speed

MG-C800 High Pace PAPER CUP Equipment use the 3 turnplates.  The machineadopts desktop structure, insulate the transmission part and mould. The transmission element is organized in the frame box beneath the device table, lubrication spray routinely. The equipment adopts open cam design and style, interrupted division design, equipment push, longitudinal axis layout. So they can fairly distribute each part operate. On desk setting each and every mould which makes easy clear and keep. MG-C800 in complete two program for best curling forming , initial training course rotate prime curling ,and second that  heating and forming , hence the cup forming will be much more perfectly.MG-C800 electric components undertake PLC manage, photoelectric monitoring and checking the whole method, also the servo control feeding. Suited for 4 to 16oz scorching & cold paper cups.

MG-C800 high speed paper cup equipment simplifies paper cup forming process. This equipment can complete paper feeding, gluing, cup-bottom feeding heating, knurling, cup-mouth curling, cup-accumulating, etc .It is particularly appropriate for creating paper cups with peak of 50-135mm.


CZPT specification:

Product MG-C800
Paper cups specs 4-16oz
(a hundred-450ml)(mould exchangeable)
T:fifty five-85mm
Air source prerequisite .5-.8MPa,.4cbm/min
Paper specification a hundred ninety-350 GSM single/double PE coated paper
Generation capacity  90-110 pcs/min
Voltage 220V/380V
Complete Power  10KW
Total Weight  3500KG
Dimensions  2600mm*1600mm*1850mm
Note CZPTized service is CZPT
Equipment working video clip links YWINwatch?v=S9l5OfxvxN4


A. The machine adopts open up cam type framework, substantial precision, huge out-set and lengthy daily life.

B. Longitudinal axis equipment drive. This make up the chain generate jitter and instability’s weakness.

C. Whole device is box variety structures design, filling oil by spray lubrication system So that it can run fast and stably.

D. Photoelectric failure-detecting technique is CZPT. PLC manage system for the entire cup forming approach.


E. Servo manage to send bottom paper of cup, produce bottom when cup tube arrive, normally no base shipping and delivery.

F. Stretch knife employs for bottom chopping. Simple altered and much more secure.
G. Switzerland Leister heating system is outfitted for cup body and base sealing, bottom are heated at very first ahead of they are feeding, therefore bettering heating impact and helping promise knurling.

H. Curling. There are two measures of curling. The 1st a single is curl the cup prime and the second consolidate the cup curling.


I. It adopts the 3-station Rotary to have the cups. High efficiency and much more secure.

J. The cup collection with just take off the defective function.

K. Preheating for cup entire body sealing(Switzerland Leister heating system). Go well with for powerful paper or double PE coated paper.
L. Major components and electrical appliances we all use the imported.Like Schneider, Panasonic, Omron…

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Big Coke Cups Forming Machine 22oz High Speed