Ca2060h-C6e, Ca2060h-7aue, Ca2060h-Cpef2 Agricultural Roller Chain for Citrus Harvesting Machine

Ca2060h-C6e, Ca2060h-7aue, Ca2060h-Cpef2 Agricultural Roller Chain for Citrus Harvesting Machine

Agricultural Roller Chain and CZPT Chain, with alloy steel according to your necessity

one, Chain types: Roller Chain, conveyor chain, transmission chain, motorcycle roller chain, silent chains, oil pump chains, weld metal drag chains, plastic chains and so on
2, Principal resources: It is 40Mn. 40Cr, 45Mn alloy steel, SUS304, and POM CZPT for plates, 10#, 20#, 20CrMnMo, 30CrMnTi for pins and rollers
3, Heat treatment method: Carburizing, Austemper Stressing, nitro-caburizing harden etc
4, Surface area: Shot peening, black, blue or unique
5, Package way: CZPT bag+ carton box+ plywood circumstance
For example, our agricultural roller chains are frequently fabricated as beneath:
CA550, CA557, CA620, 38.4V, 38.4VB, CA550H, S32, S42, S45, S55, S62, S77, S88, S38, S55H, 55V etc.

S type steel agricultural chains
Chain No. Pitch Roller diameter Width between inner plates Depth of chain plates Pin diameter Pin length Plate thickness Ultimate tensile strength Weight per meter
p d1(Max) b1(min) h2(Max) d2(Max) b4(Max) T(Max) Qo(min) Q
mm mm mm mm mm mm mm Kn Kg/m
CA550 forty one.four sixteen.87 19.eighty one 19.05 seven.19 38.2 2.7 39.eight 1.94
CA550V forty one.four sixteen.87 19.05 thirteen.5 8.28 39.1 3 68.7 2.24
C550-H 41.four 16.87 19.81 19.05 seven.19 39 three 39.eight 2.24
CA550VF2 forty one.four sixteen.87 19.05   8.28 38.eight three sixty two.13
CA550VF1 forty one.four sixteen.87 19.05 19.eight 8.28 36.7 three forty four 2.five
CA550F10 41.four sixteen.87 19.81 19.05 seven.fourteen 36.two 3 fifty three 2.38
CA550F4 41.four fourteen.35 twenty.24 17.3 7.fourteen 38.5 2.8 fifty two one.seventy eight
CA550F5 41.4 sixteen.sixty six twenty.24 17.three seven.fourteen 38.5 three.twenty five 52 1.97
CA555 41.4 sixteen.87 19.8 7.19 32 three.1 fifty six one.seventy two
CA555F1 41.four seventeen.eighty five 23 twenty eight.two forty two.four 3 39.1 2.99
CA555F2 41.four 17.85 23 twenty 8.two forty two.four 3 2.82
CA557 41.4 seventeen.seventy eight twenty.24 19.eight eight 40.8 74.3 two.six
CA620 forty two.01 17.ninety one 24.51 19.05 seven.19 forty two.two 3.15 2.35
CA650 50.eight 25 eighteen.9 twenty five 9.53 44.7 4 90 3.49
C2040F1(C415HF1) 7.ninety five four.88 twelve 3.ninety six sixteen.three one.five 13.eight .fifty four
C2040F2(208AF2) seven.95 4.88 twelve 3.ninety six fourteen.five 1.5 thirteen.eight  
208AF3 seven.95 four.88 twelve three.96 14.five 1.5 thirteen.8  
208AF3A seven.ninety five 7.eighty five 12 three.ninety six seventeen.8 one.five 13.8  
C210AF1 31.seventy five 10.16 9.four 15 5.08 thirteen.2 2.03 21.8  
C212AF1 38.1 eleven.91 twelve.fifty seven 18 five.94 28.3 2.03 31.1  
216BF1 50.eight fifteen.88 seventeen.02 22 8.28 35.8 3 sixty  
C2042F2(208AL F2) seven.ninety five four.88 twelve three.96 fourteen.8 1.five thirteen.8 .62
C2050F3(C2571A F3) 31.75 10.sixteen 9.four 15 5.08 23.2 two.03 21.eight .ninety five
C2060F4(C212A F4) eleven.ninety one twelve.57 18.08 five.94 28.five two.42 31.1 one.sixty nine
CA2060H(C212AH) eleven.91 12.57 17.3 five.ninety four 31.6 3.25 40.5 1.forty five
CA2060-C6E 38.1 eleven.91 twelve.57 18 5.ninety four 28.five two.forty two 31.1 one.4
CA2060H-C6E 38.1 eleven.ninety one twelve.57 18 five.94 31.six three.25 31.1 one.seventy eight
CA2063H 38.1 eleven.89 12.7 seventeen.3 5.ninety four 34.2 2.eight 40.5 one.sixty five
CAE44151 28.575 15.88 sixteen.two 17.three seven.ninety two 38.9 2.five 64.5 two.73
CA960 forty one.4 seventeen.seventy eight 22.61   eight.9 43 three 72.6 six.94
CA650F1 50.8 twenty five 19 twenty five 11.28 fifty three.7 3.5 138 four.36
CA650F3 50.8 19.05 19.05 twenty five nine.fifty three 37.eight 3.five ninety  
CA650F2 fifty.8 twenty 18.nine twenty five 9.53 forty four.7 4 95 2.98
A550 forty one.four 16.87 twenty.22 19.05 seven.fourteen 37.35 two.sixty seven fifty one.six
A555 41.four sixteen.sixty six 12.7 19.05 seven.fourteen 31.eight three.eighteen 50 1.5
A557 forty one.4 seventeen.seventy eight 20.fourteen 19.05 seven.94 40 three.eighteen 60 2.35
A620 42.01 seventeen.68 24.99 19.05 7.fourteen forty four.1 3.18 23 two.1

We are a leading producer of mechanical transmission spare components, as properly as several a long time 1 of trustworthy and trustworthy suppliers for CZPTpean, The us, Iran market and many others. Our principal things are roller chains, conveyor chains, transmission chain, pulleys, V-belts, sprockets, spur gears, bevel equipment, gear shafts, roller bearings, rollers, conveyor belts etc.
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At existing, For South American, CZPTpean, and Asian market place, our superior merchandise are fabricated according to your need and our high quality satisfies ISO, ASME, DIN normal.

I hope we can do company jointly, and search CZPT to hearing from you soon

Ca2060h-C6e, Ca2060h-7aue, Ca2060h-Cpef2 Agricultural Roller Chain for Citrus Harvesting Machine