China IQF Tunnel Freezer, Quick Freezing Room, IQF Freezing Equipment

China IQF Tunnel Freezer, Quick Freezing Room, IQF Freezing Equipment


SLD fluidized adopts two phase belting framework—first of all, swift-cooling stage. Secondly, deep-freezing phase. Independently velocity management technique, and the velocity of the two meshbelts can be altered infinitely. 

1.Rapid-cooling stage—the meals particles are to be quick cooled following moving into into the blast area. The area of the particles would frozen and attain the temperature of 0 C. in the meantime, with the help of the placing chain, the particles would neither stick with each other nor adhere on the stainless metal meshbelt.

two.Deep-freezing phase—the food is to be moved on a stainless metal meshbelt, the foodstuff layer loosens with the rising of the airflow. Some of the foodstuff particles turn out to be floating(this is the reason why this products is not relevant to massive bulk foodstuff) when the air pressure reaches a certain scale, which delivers interspaces amid the foodstuff particles, that is the way the fluidized bed arrive into getting.

Primary technical parameters of SLD fluidized rapid-freezing device

Model Potential Belt width Enter temp Output temp Freezing time Cold load Electricity Dimension
SLD-.five 500kg/h 1000mm +15ºC -18ºC five~50min 115kw 28kw seven.2×3.8×3.8m
SLD-one. 1000kg/h 1200mm +15ºC -18ºC 5~50min 165kw 42kw eight.2×4.4×3.8m
SLD-1.five 1500kg/h 1200mm +15ºC -18ºC five~50min 256kw 57kw ten.2×4.4×3.8m
SLD-two. 2000kg/h 1200mm +15ºC -18ºC five~50min 320kw 66kw 11.2×4.4×3.8m
SLD-3. 3000kg/h 1300mm +15ºC -18ºC five~50min 460kw 99kw thirteen.2×4.7×4.4m
SLD-4. 4000kg/h 1300mm +15ºC -18ºC five~50min 615kw 105kw sixteen.2×4.7×4.4m
SLD-five. 5000kg/h 1300mm +15ºC -18ºC five~50min 750kw 129kw 20.2×4.7×4.4m

Comprehensive pictures:

Identify: conveying belt
one)Belt is created of SUS304 shut spring mesh, and it is on put on resistant (polyethylene) roller and guide rail to increase belt life span.
two)There is dress in resistant adhesive strip on two sides, to keep away from leaking materials.



Title: evaporator
one)Ф19mm aluminum pipe protected by huge aluminum alloy fin. Advanced hydraulic increasing tube engineering makes certain fin covers carefully on pipe.
two)It has the design of variable fin distance, guaranteeing the freezer working continuously and effectively, and extending the freezer’s provider existence. 

Name: insulation panel
1)PU insulation panel lined by double-aspect stainless steel sheet.
2)Two sides of base plate in place is slide, with one particular draining ditch on each and every side. There is Eccentric hook hassle-free for dismantle and set up.


Title: defrost device
one)Normal defrost way is standard water deforst. Defrost h2o pipe is using room h2o to defrost evaporator, guaranteeing evaporator to perform effectively.

two)There is an Adverts air computerized defrost device for alternative.


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China IQF Tunnel Freezer, Quick Freezing Room, IQF Freezing Equipment