Qingdao Port Good Price High Quality Plywood Woodworking Glue Spreader

Qingdao Port Good Price High Quality Plywood Woodworking Glue Spreader

Glue spreader

Brief Introduction:
The glue coating machine has a few rollers and 4 rollers, which are divided into one-aspect coating machine, double-side coating machine, 3 ft, 4 toes and 8 toes. It is mainly used for one or double panel, multi-layer board, plywood gluing equipment, Blockboard and so on. The device has reasonable style, uniform glue coating, price saving, straightforward procedure and minimal price tag.


1. Coating averagely, high productivity, save glue.Preserve workers and cost.

2. Coating roller is  made by the high-good quality organic rubber, the squeeze roller is chromate remedy seamless metal pipe, the roller surface coated by stainless metal, in no way has the rust bec of glue corrosion.

3. Straightforward operation and effortless maintenance.

4. Employed for plywood,core veneer coating and spreading.

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HangCZPT CZPT Wood CZPT CO.,LTD was established in 1998, which is located in HangCZPT, ZheJiang province, with a 30000 sq. meters’ factory. Our firm specializes in wood operating equipment that includes wood debarker, veneer peeling equipment, veneer dryer, glue spreader, glue mixer, plywood hot press machine, plywood cold push equipment, planking equipment, plate turnover, carry table, plywood sawing device, grinding oblique equipment, plywood paving machine and plywood sanding machine, with abundant domestic product sales expertise and export expertise.
With the complete plywood generation line and the sturdy analysis team, the equipment which independently developed by our organization have obtained countrywide patents and very good track record. With the huge financial forces and creation properly as prosperous expertise, we can offer the excellent equipments and the answer to the wooden working industry. In addition to, our products can be discovered just about everywhere in China and we also export to Australia, Southeast Aisa and so on. Presently, our items have been exported to a lot more than twenty nations around the world and regions, we provide life-cycle support remedies and technical assistance for our buyers.



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Qingdao Port Good Price High Quality Plywood Woodworking Glue Spreader