Outdoor Moving Walkway Passenger Escalator

Outdoor Moving Walkway Passenger Escalator

Our Gain:
1. Compact and value-powerful
2. Rugged and dependable
3. Power saving and environmental safety
four. Clean and quiet
5. We give all the sorts of elevators and accessories and the personalized customization services.

Our Factory  have a full set of advanced production and processing equipment,as effectively as excellent tests devices, in practically 35 many years growth program, our manufacturing facility totally introduces the most innovative elevator management technologies in the world to make sure the item engineering to be with the market-major stage.


Escalator Specs

CZPT  configuration  
Inclination (°) thirty(35)
Stage width (mm) 600/800/1000
Horizontal actions two/two three/3(for 30°), two/2 for 35°
Velocity(m/s) .5
Motor power 8/eleven/15KW
Handrail bracket Stainless steel
Increase height for 600 3000≤H≤6000/ 6000≤H≤7200
Rise height for 800 3000≤H≤4800/4800≤H≤6000/6000≤H≤6400/6400≤H≤7200
Rise height for one thousand 3000≤H≤4800/4800≤H≤6000/6000≤H≤6400/6400≤H≤7200

Engineering Benefits

1.VVVF travel

2.Steady basic safety technique

three.Perfect operating overall performance

four.Sophisticated control method(German technologies)

5.Comfy and effective

6.Decrease sounds and energy-saving

Security Attributes

1.Absence of stage, mistake section safety:
If lack of stage (moving-wander) will or eror phase has been checked out, the escalator routinely cease the operation.
two.Motor more than-Ioad safety:
When the recent exceeds fifteen% of the present ranking, the escalator will routinely slop the procedure.
3.CZPTal equipment loop protection:
It provides the automatic circuit disconnecting gadget to defend the circuit and mains parts of the escalator (transferring-wander).
four.Handrail inlet safety:
When some international material has been clipped in the handrail inlet. the  escalator (relocating-walk) will routinely slop the operation.
5.Comb plate security unit:
When some overseas material has been clipped in or between the combs.the escalator (transferring-wander) will immediately stop the operation.
six.Phase sagging safety system:
When there is abnormal action bending, the escalator (transferring-walk) will quit the procedure just before the step entering into the comb plate
7.Damaged generate-chain protection unit:
When the generate-chain has been more than-stretched or it is broken, the escalator (relocating-stroll) will immediately end the procedure
eight.Damaged step chain security:
When the stage (plate) chain has been more than-stretched or it is broken, the escalator (shifting stroll) will routinely slop the operation.
nine.Over-speed safety:
When  there  is in excess of-pace to the escalator (transferring  walk),it will routinely quit the procedure.
10.Direction reversal protection:
When it arrives the accidental reve  rsal of the direction of vacation, the escalator (transferring wander) will automatically end the procedure.
eleven.Security line:
The yellow artificial resin security line is located in the front situation and two sides of the escalator tread so that the passengers will not tread in-amongst the edge of the adjacent stage and the group lengthened skirt panel.  The stability line on the two sides of the step is higher than the tread surface area.   (The  moving-stroll  offers the  selective  yellow spray-palmed security line.)


Company Profile:             
1. Safe CZPT (ZHangCZPTg) is an elevator income provider business that integrates buyer customization, revenue, set up and routine maintenance, and import and export methods. It is exported to countries all above the world and is a branch of the exterior of the export of CZPTgrande CZPT CZPT.
two. Our company Contain all the sort of elevators  : passenger elevators, freight elevators, sightseeing elevators, family villa elevators, healthcare elevators, automobile elevators, stretcher elevators, escalators, transferring walkways, hearth elevators, explosion-evidence elevators, and so on.
3. According to the various demands of various buyers and the specific conditions of the project, the client is satisfied with the multi-level and all-spherical elevator need, and the visual appeal is novel and trend.
4. We have a stable maker accountable for the production of elevators and equipment, and have 35 many years of manufacturing experience, high output, high good quality, and innovative specialized assistance.
5. Excellent right after-product sales support.

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Outdoor Moving Walkway Passenger Escalator