BL634 Leaf Chain



Known to engineers for its strength in material handling, the BL634 Leaf Chain is designed to provide exceptional strength and longevity for long hauls. Each component of this leaf chain consists of a series of stacked chain plates and pins, all heat treated to provide optimum performance for your lifting equipment. This durable chain is suitable for harsh environments with high humidity and humidity. You can rely on our ANSI Standard BL634 Leaf Chain to be a consistent part of your daily operations, providing high fatigue strength and long service life and helping to minimize maintenance costs. A plate chain pin passes through a plate and is subjected to shear forces while the plate is hinged to the pin by rotation on a pulley. We understand that in your business, downtime means lost profits. For this reason and more, we are committed to providing the highest quality leaf chains on the market today. The quality of your equipment can never be questioned when you trust us to provide the chain you need most.BL Series

3X4 Chain