Tubular Chain Drag Conveyor for Gravel

Tubular Chain Drag Conveyor for Gravel

Tube chain conveyor, also named drag conveyor, is steady conveying equipment conveying powder, granular, and other little lump bulk resources, which can horizontal, inclined and vertical mixture supply.

In a sealed pipe, the chain is pushed by a belt of animal content together the pipeline. When the horizontal transportation, the content particles are in the path of movement of the chain in the route of the thrust. When the friction substance layer is greater than the exterior friction materials and the pipe wall, the content will shift with the chain sheet, forming the balance of substance movement when the vertical transportation, tube material particles by chain upward thrust, due to the fact the reduced feeding to avert the decline in the upper element of the materials, resulting in a transverse lateral pressure, so it enhances the internal friction of the materials, when the friction in between the supplies is higher than the materials and pipe wall friction and materials excess weight, the material with chain plate conveyor upward, forming continuous materials circulation.

Good Chemical substances:
 pigments, dyes, paints, carbon black, titanium dioxide, iron oxide, ceramic powder, GCC, light-weight calcium, bentonite, zeolite, kaolin, silica powder, activated carbon, etc.
Pesticide Mineral:
 urea, ammonium chloride, ammonium bicarbonate, baking soda, reliable pesticides, tungsten powder, pesticide chemical compounds, copper powder, coal, phosphate rock, alumina powder.
Developing material: cement, clay, sand, quartz sand, clay powder, silica, limestone, dolomite, wooden flour, glass fibers, silica, talc, and so on.
Meals business: flour, starch, grain, milk, and foodstuff additives.

Live Cases>>>

one. The volumetric delivery unit, enabling supplies shipping and metering. Easy to implement centralized handle, enhanced automation, to meet up with the specifications of the contemporary business for environmental safety.
2. Compact composition, modest footprint, it can alter the transport direction of the 3-dimensional.
three. The content currently being conveyed between inlet and outlet flange is in the shut condition. There is no want to set a dust remover at the outlet. When transporting components can fill gasoline. Which make certain no dust leak into the atmosphere during transportation.
4. Materials transportation efficiently along the tube, almost no internal movement, so Less content injury, sluggish corners transport make much less content particles generated debris.
five. Dependent on the feeding scenario, the inlet distance can be more than 10 meters.
6. Sprockets have optimized shoulder, style optimization, the use of hardened chains having least use.
7. The unique shipping and delivery tray has a very minimal friction coefficient and secure transmission potential.
8. May discharge at multiple details in the circuit no unique airlocks are required.

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Specification of Tube chain conveyor technique:

Design conveying capability(m3/H) Chain Wheel Velocity (r/m) Chain plate pace(m/s) Motor  Power(kw)
GLS80 4 twenty .29 four
GLS100 eight eighteen .31 5.5
GLS150 sixteen 15 .31 7.5
GLS200 28 12 .3 eleven
GLS250 48 ten .three fifteen
GLS300 sixty 8 .28 eighteen.5
GLS400 eighty eight .28 22

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Our Providers

Service before promote:
—-Give relative technical info for support products choice
—-Working pilot test
—-Providing tips for gear selection, material investigation
—-Offer circulation chart, basic drawing
—-Provide technological layout

Service in sell:
—-Supply factory layout according to deal
—-Production ordered products according to the associated common
—- A presentation report of production predicament will be provided each 15days
—- Monitoring and supervising in complete production and transporting interval in accordance to the contract need
—- Picture of the wood situation will be presented, wood circumstance with regular shipping and delivery marks.
—- Photograph of freight loading will be presented.
—- A file of the detailed shipping and delivery listing will be supplied
—- A document of detailed freight loading record will be offered
—- All of the wood case will be marked serial quantity, all of the attachments will be marked serial number, convenient for client’s clearing

Support right after sell:
—-Deliver provider engineer for help instruct installation.
—-Ship services engineer for operating check at the site and training the operator
—-Assist consumer for servicing and restore
—-Offer a single year spare portion
—-Good quality guarantee for two many years following market

Tubular Chain Drag Conveyor for Gravel